Why are we not “Engineering” the Engineers?

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  1. Stop providing just ‘Education’:- Rather than just imparting concepts, let the students be aware of applications of these concepts by detailing them with industrial simulations and experiences. Don't let the students run behind obtaining credits but make them become creditable students
  2. Apart from the core subjects, Let them choose the rest:- I know its sounds rather a vague idea, but in my personal experience, I have found some of the topics that are forced upon us during the course of our education to be not useful person by person or may not be understood equally by all. Confused? For Example, a student in the Electrical engineering domain is interested in subjects such as Power Systems, High Voltage Engineering, etc, but the course curricula provide unrelated topics such as signal processing, control engineering, etc, which they do not have the slightest interest, but still have to learn in order to achieve credits. Let them choose their topics of interest during the bachelor itself and set them on a path towards their self-chosen domain rather than imparting them with bits and pieces of every other topic in the field!
  3. Teach them about Engineering before enrolling in engineering:- No, it is not about providing them with entrance coaching to be able to enroll in premium institutes. It means counseling the students in their schooling years itself about the various fields, aspects, opportunities, needs in the field of engineering and let them be aware from the very beginning about what they are getting into.
  4. Raise the standards, not the difficulty:- The harder the course, the more effective it will be! NO, it doesn’t work like that. Being an engineer is being able to solve complex situations not difficult ones, there's a difference! Make the course curriculum achieve international standards, not by increasing or reducing the difficulties of the module topics, but making sure that these module topics when sought in the future become easier for the students to achieve the global standards.
  5. Engineering in India is not only IITs:- It's a topic of open debate as mentioned way up during the beginning of this writing. Highlighted and emphasized by various Entrance tutoring centers, engineering is not about studying in the NITs or IITs. It's about engineering your interests with almost sincerity and hard work. Researching, factual reading, networking all makes you a better engineer even if you are not from any premium institutes.
  6. Don't stress, Don't suppress:- Stop stressing upon the grade points of your classmates, comparing your project ideas with theirs, not knowing a particular skill. Engineering is all about learning what you didn’t know on a daily basis, stressing is already a part of this field so need to add few extra pounds on your behalf. Also, never suppress in expressing your dislike for the field. if you think that you do not belong here, speak up, because it is not a trade which you can spend years and one day start liking, it’s a trade which makes it harder for those too who sought them by themselves. Convince those who compel you, a minor call out would always help you avoid major setbacks




An engineering graduate looking for various ways to show off his writing skills and on a serious note:- audience who could provide with a positive feedback

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An engineering graduate looking for various ways to show off his writing skills and on a serious note:- audience who could provide with a positive feedback

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